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As with many modern words, the word “Staycation” is an Americanism for a Vacation taken at home! Basically it means having a holiday at home.

If, like I was once, you’re of the mindset where a holiday consists of Hot Sunshine, Glorious Sandy Beaches, Warm Seas, Great Food and Five Star Hotels and appartments, then the current economic climate may be knocking your holiday dreams for six. And spending your two week summer holiday (or 6 weeks if you’ve got kids) stuck in your own home probably fills you we fear and lothing, but that needn’t be the case. It is possible to have a great holiday, and indeed, often a better holiday at home than abroad… Don’t beleive us? Then take a look at our hints and tips for a great staycation.

Holidaying at home certainly doesn’t sound as glamorous as a fortnight abroad, but it definitely does have its upsides… It’s the ultimate Stress-Free Holiday!

  • No long airport check-in queues.
  • No lost luggage.
  • Your kids won’t get lost just as your flight is called!
  • The food will be superb.
  • No one will steal your sun lounger.

These are just some of the reasons why holidays at home, or Staycations are becoming more popular than ever. With over 45% of uk families reining in the holiday budget this year many will be opting for a holiday at home this year, but we think you’ll find that staying put could just be the best way for you to truly relax and unwind!

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